What's DesignCue?

DesignCue is a marketplace of design services by a handful of proven designers.

What We Believe

Who's DesignCue?

Preston Attebery
Founder of DesignCue
Carlos Andujar
App Designer and Designer at Levvel
Ben Wallace
Print & Brand Designer
Ellie Borromeo
Print & Brand Designer
Elliott Strauss
Web & Brand Designer
Aradhana Modi
Illustrator & Animator at TheLittleLabs
Camilo Bejarano
Illustrator & Animator at TheLittleLabs


How much is due upfront?
Typically, $500 is due upfront to begin a project. If a project costs less than $500, then the entire amount is due upfront. Of course, this is held in escrow by DesignCue and distributed as progress is made by the designer.
Who owns the final work?
You exclusively own the final work. However, the designer and DesignCue retains the right to display the work for showcasing so long that it doesn’t conflict with an NDA.
How do I pay?
You can pay online with a debit or credit card through our invoicing system. We also accept numerous cryptocurrencies.
Will you sign my NDA?
Yes, we can sign your NDA. Even without an NDA, we never post, distribute, or showcase work without prior consent.
What happens if the designer stops working?
This has never happened, but if it did, we would retrieve any work done prior to this instance and immediately pair you with another designer.
What if I don't like the work?
Our designers are extremely great and will patiently work with you to find a style and execution that is best for all parties. If it still isn’t working out, you can end your contract at any moment and request another designer.
How does DesignCue make money?
DesignCue takes a fee on every project to cover network costs, team costs, and ongoing development.

This ensures that DesignCue is ultimately committed to ensuring the quality of every project.
What is the future of DesignCue?
Glad you asked. We see the future of DesignCue, and the industry in general, forming token-curated and supported networks. This means less centralized curation in favor of a more democratic network.

i.e.: designers vote on network changes, fees, and service curation