Web App Design

Wireframes, Mockups, & Interactions

by Carlos Andujar

Every App Starts with a Good Design.

From Slack to Dropbox, thoughtful design plays a pivotal role in the success of every app. Beyond mere aesthetics, Carlos dives deep into the fundamentals of app design.

With flow maps, wireframes, mockups, and interactions, he turns your napkin-plans into living Invision prototypes and dynamic Sketch files.




About Carlos.

Atlanta, Ga

To date, I've worked with a handful of organizations ranging from large design agencies to small bootstrapped startups providing visual and UX design services. As a freelancer I've had the opportunity to learn skills that I normally wouldn't have had a chance to learn working F/T at an organization. It's made me a more mature and well-rounded designer.


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You've got the vision, now you need a thoughtful designer to help make it a reality--taking it from mere idea to a full mocked-up, prototyped app design for your developer to build.

Don't have a dev? No worries, we can suggest a handful of great ones to build your app!

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Estimated turn-around time
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1 - 3 Months
Wireframes, FLow map, Mockups, Invision Prototype
Sketch, PNG

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