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For the solo-founder, first-time founder, and veteran bootstrapper. Tools to help you start, scale, and build to last!

Design πŸ–₯

  • Sketch  $100  sketchapp.com

         the tool of choice for most app designers
  • Adobe Suite  $50/mo  adobe.com

         a staple for founders and creators everywhere
  • Noun Project  $40/yr  thenounproject.com

         a catalog of royalty-free icons for use in any project

Project Management πŸ“‹

  • Basecamp  $1000/yr  basecamp.com

         straightforward project management
  • Slack  Freemium  slack.com

         fun and easy chat for business
  • Dropbox Paper  Free  dropbox.com/paper

         note-taking and collaborating with others

Finding Talent πŸ’ͺ🏾

  • CodementorX  Varies  hire.codementor.io

         find vetted programmers
  • Udacity Blitz  Varies  blitz.com

         find vetted programmers
  • Designcue  Varies  designcue.io

         find qualified designers

Time Tracking ⏱

  • Toggl  Freemium  toggl.com

         simple time-tracking

Writing πŸ“

Analytics πŸ“ˆ

Invoicing/Payments πŸ’Έ

  • Paypal  Free  paypal.com

         the classic, almost everyone accepts it
  • Bonsai Payments  $1/per contract  hellobonsai.com

         built for the freelancer, contracts and invoices
  • Stripe  2.9% + $0.30  stripe.com

         built for devs, easy to implement

Email πŸ“¨

  • Mailchimp  Freemium  mailchimp.com

         mailkimp? jailblimp? mailshrimp? yep.
  • Polymail  Freemium  polymail.io

         better filtering, nicer UI than other mail apps

Website πŸ’»

  • Webflow  $16/mo  webflow.com

         visual code, no really! This site is built on Webflow
  • Landing Lion  Freemium  landinglion.com

         easier page building, analytics built in
  • Firebase  Free  firebase.google.com

        built for starters, free back-end for your apps

Scheduling πŸ“…

  • Calendly  Freemium  calendly.com

        schedule meetings by sending a link

Live Chat πŸ’¬

  • Intercom  $49/mo  intercom.com

        the best chat widget and support ticket system

Advertising πŸ“’

Accounting βž—

  • Xero  $9/mo  xero.com

         accounting for your biz

Fonts πŸ…°

Blog πŸ“°

  • Medium  Free  medium.com

         like twitter but for blog posts

Prototyping πŸ“²

Photography/Videography πŸ“Έ

  • Sony A6300  $1400  sony.com

         mirrorless video/vlogging camera
  • Rode Mic GO  $100  rode.com

         directional mic for video
  • GorillaPod Tripod  $50  joby.com

         tripod for attaching to anything

Thought Leaders πŸ’₯

Books πŸ“š

  • Zero-to-One  Peter Theil  zerotoonebook.com

         how to create a uniquely new business
  • Rework  DHH, Jason Fried  37signals.com/rework

         how to redfine work as we know it
  • Steve Jobs  Walter Isaacson  simonandschuster.com

         about Steve Job's life and his time at Apple

Transportation πŸš‹

  • Moovel  Free  moovel.com

         a walking and transit navigation app
  • Boosted Board  $1300  boostedboards.com

         how Casey Neistat gets around
  • Volta Bike  $1600  volta.purecycles.com

         an E-bike that doesn't look like one

Clothing πŸ‘–

  • GreyT-shirt  $18.50  asos.com

       are you even a founder if you don't own one?
  • Raw Denim Jeans  $248  jcrew.com

         nothing says "bootstrapping" like $200 jeans!
  • White Sneakers  $110  adidas.com

         come on, these are actually cool