Custom Simple City

Minimalist Building Illustrations

by Preston Attebery

Pick a Building. Any Building.

In 2014, Preston Attebery started the Simple City project to reflect upon the beautiful buildings that surrounded him on a daily basis in Atlanta, Ga. 

Soon after, he started working with local businesses who wanted their own building illustrated in his iconic, minimalist style.


Impactful local companies and global brands have commissioned this service!

About Preston.

Atlanta, Ga

Preston is an Atlanta-based illustrator and designer. Along with design work for local businesses, he’s started both Simple City and DesignCue—this very service!


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Simple City
in the Wild

Starbucks at Georgia Tech in Atlanta
Use Simple City to gift, promote, and sell.

Local and national businesses have used custom Simple City illustrations to help visualize prominent buildings for events, developments, and real estate. Lately, Simple City has also been adapted for an interior mural displaying important buildings and their histories.

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