Social Content

Media for Twitter, Instagram, Medium & More

by Saya Iwasaki

Gain Followers

It's no secret that creating valuable content on Social Media can garner millions of followers, but where do you start?

This is where Saya will take care of you. She's best at taking complex concepts and translating that into teachable, easy-to-view graphics.

Infographics & Illustrations

About Saya.

San Francisco, Ca

I have been a designer since 2011, working with clients such as BCG DV, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, Cisco, Stanford University, San Francisco State University, Ideo U, Tunisia88, Tangem and Gems. My work has been viewed by by 1m+ people around the world.

Say it with Visuals

Some concepts are easier seen than read. That's where inforgraphics come in. Use them for presentations, Medium posts, and across all social medias.

Project Details

Estimated turn-around time
Rounds of revisions
Deliverable file types
2-4 Weeks
2 Rounds for Initial Concept and Each deliverable
Individual ads, infographics,